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Lectures on Board Viking Ocean Cruise Ships

"In Search of the Northern Lights" cruise on the Viking Sky, January 2019

Lectures included: "Tolkien and the Traditional Dragon Slayer Story" and "Strong Women in Icelandic Sagas and Scandinavian Mythology."

"In the Wake of the Vikings" cruise on the Viking Sea, September 2018

Lectures included: "The Discovery of America: The Vinland Sagas" and "Thor: Heroic Protector of the Scandinavian Goddesses."

"British Isles Explorer" cruise on the Viking Sun, May 2018

Lectures included: "King Arthur: From Welsh Legend to Modern Film" and "Celtic Myth and Legend: Irish and Welsh."

"Viking Homelands" cruise on the Viking Star, May 2017

Lectures included: Tolkien and the Rediscovery of the North" and "Macbeth: A Man Outside His Time."

Selected Lectures

"Tarzan: Popular in 1912, Popular Now”

Raleigh Court Branch Library, Roanoke, VA, May 2016

Macbeth: A Man Out of His Time”

Raleigh Court Branch Library, Roanoke, VA, April 2016


“What’s Fantastic About Fantastic Literature”

Hollins University, Roanoke, VA, April 2013

“Tolkien’s Sources: Celtic and Scandinavian”

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institutes, Texas A&M University-Commerce, July 2005 and 2009


Macbeth: A Political and Cultural Document”

Eger University, Eger, Hungary, April 2008

“J.R.R. Tolkien and the Rediscovery of the North”

Keynote Lecture, Hungarian Society for the Study of English, Vészprém, Hungary, January 2005

The Mabinogi and Matrilineal Power”

Medieval Studies Department Guest Lecture, University of Sydney, Australia, May 2003

“J.K. Rowling and Ursula K. LeGuin: Creating the Series-Book Fantasy World”

New Worlds Conference, Children’s Books Ireland, Dublin, May 2000

“The Influence of The Mabinogion on Modern Fantasy Literature”

The Welsh Academy, Abergavenny, Wales, UK, November 1996

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